Bobbi Brown 25th Anniversary Social + digital campaign

photography and video art direction

The 25th anniversary of the Bobbi Brown brand was celebrated in varying ways in multiple channels. For social and digital, in addiition to some teaser animations for Instagram featured below,, we also did a playful campaign with these custom-made Kokeshi dolls.


Kokeshi Campaign


Credits: 25th Anniversary teaser animation: Mike Kruatter. Kokeshi Photography: Matt Hoch. Art Direction: Thea Kennedy and Nia Lawrence. 



In addition to the content we created in-house, we also had a global PR and UGC initiative where "Bobbi Brown" (the doll!) traveled around the world with her fans. 

Credits: Instagram images via @bobbibrown and @h_b1116


Design Director. Visual content strategy, design, art direction, photo and video art direction, and snapchat filter designer.