Bobbi Brown instagram visual content strategy case study

visual design, art direction, curation, creative strategy

I  was brought on as the first ever Design Director specifically for Social and Digital design. A large part of my role was pitching concepts and strategies for each social channel. For Instagram, the Content Strategist and I worked together to create a compelling story month by month. Each month's content would consist of a few different themes, that related to seasonality, product launches, new campaigns, inventive ways to re-tout existing product (like best sellers and fan favorites), and User Generated Content. Below is an example of our concept and examples of execution for the month of June.


Content Creation



Featuring product is essential. The fun part about working with a brand with a long history, is digging through the archives to find content that is both fresh (but maybe was just used during a launch), and heritage. For this case study, which was for the month of June, we focussed on product that would be seasonally appropriate–bronzers, illuminating powder, tinted moisturizer, and so forth. Here I used a mix of existing brand photography, UGC product photography, and some creations of my own. 


Animation Credits: Photography, Mike Krautter, Photo Art Direction, Nia Lawrence, Design Direction, Thea Kennedy.



Exploring education in beauty in the form of quotes, advice, tips and tricks, and how-to content. Featured on the right: An exploration of "tip style" for Instagram and Facebook that I created.


Lifestyle and UGC

Role and Responsibilities

Design Director. Visual content strategy, design, art direction, and curation of previously created visuals.