Colin Quinn Identity Design

branding, visual design, art direction

Colin Quinn is a copy writer in the advertising industry as well as an author of a forthcoming book. I wanted to create an identity that truly reflected his intelligent, witty, and fun-loving personality. 

Originally the client and I talked about doing some hand-painted heraldry- but in the margins of the options I was showing him I had been playing around with the letters in his name. Since both his first and last name have the same amount of characters I noticed they looked kind of cool stacked vertically. He ended up preferring the doodles, and so here we are.  As Colin is a copywriter, the logo's play of word placement mimics the copywriters job of "playing with words". There is also a subtle nod to word games like Scrabble in the soft grid behind- so to give the feeling that these characters could be scrambled at any time.