Patricia surfing. Photo by Morten Sølvstrøm

Love Surf Yoga identity + web design

branding, art direction, visual design, product design, creative strategy

Patricia Pinto, Founder of Love Surf Yoga, is a Brooklyn based Yoga and Pilates teacher with an obsession for all things beach and surf.  As a surfer, she has traveled the world in search for the best, friendliest breaks and most amazing surf instruction, from Asia, South and Central America to the East Coast and the Caribbean.  As a full time yoga teacher, she has studied with some of the best teachers in New York City for over 10 years.  Combining her passion for surfing, traveling, and the mindful lifestyle of yoga, Love Surf Yoga was born.  

Love Surf Yoga aims to provide surf and yoga retreats for surfers and yogis of all levels, with the best yoga and surf instructors in the industry.  Each hand picked retreat location is beachfront, and provides beaches with all different levels of surfing, from beginner friendly waves to hard to reach advanced breaks.  Each yoga class, surf lesson, SUP yoga class, or adventure is handpicked to make the retreat an unforgettable experience.

Patricia Pinto surfing. Photo credit: Morten Sølvstrøm.

Patricia Pinto surfing. Photo credit: Morten Sølvstrøm.

As both a student and participant of Patricia's retreats, I came to this branding with a real "insiders" knowledge of what her brand was about, the type of people who went on these retreats, and the overall aesthetic of the experience. I worked closely with Patricia to develop a logo and word mark that really represented her mission and company. Instead of creating traditional branded elements- business cards, stationary, and so forth, I created what would fit best within Patricia's lifestyle. A woman who is quite literally, on-the-go, we worked on a strong digital presence–a website that could be easily updated, and I provided general art direction for the client's social media,, in terms of color palette and general content. Then I suggested product direction–things that would be wanted while one was an a retreat in the tropics.–like yoga mats and water bottles.


Color Palette

Besides the main spot color, the color palette for the brand is loosely the color of the various oceans and seas around the world. The brand is meant to be very photo/image driven, and less about graphic colors, which is why I wanted to keep the color palette flexible.


The Process



Type Exploration

Before settling on a clean, minimal typeface, (like the simplicity of the "To Beach" way-finding sign in the above mood board), I experimented with some painted type.

Role and Responsibilities 

I developed and designed her branding from start to finish. This included developing and designing her logo and word mark; branded fonts, color palette, photography direction, and website design.