Strategic thinker. Problem Solver. Visual Communicator.

Product-focused multidisciplinary art director and visual designer with over 12 years experience. As my career has advanced, I’ve found myself more fascinated by the structure of the design, and the experience that it creates. 


Currently in California:

Currently at Apple, I work in the Apple Media Products group, which includes Apple Books, iTunes, and the App Store. An internationally focused design team, I work with cross-functional teams in merchandising, production, editorial, engineering, localization and QA. 


Previously in New York:

I’ve had proven success conceptualizing, and developing large-scale design and content for e/m commerce sites, and have extensive knowledge in creating exciting and successful digital campaigns, and meaningful site innovations. I also have the unique perspective of being a Social Influencer with a keen understanding of marrying commerce with social and editorial content for proven results.

My experience has also included working with individuals and micro brands building bespoke identities and branding systems, as well as young startups where I’ve created site design, microsites, page templates, email templates, editorial content, campaigns, print and packaging design.


Outside of my professional endeavors, I enjoy taking road trips along the coast of California, swimming, and reading. Creative obsessions include hand-drawn typography, photographing vintage signage, and painting. 

If you’d like to work together, or just say hi, you can contact me here.



“There is only one very good life—and that’s the life you know you want and you make it yourself.”
— Diana Vreeland